Terms of Service

      1. Disclaimer

Please read the following policy of my commissions and art requests. Any participation or quote requests on my site will constitute acceptance of this agreement, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree to abide by the following, please do not use my site or request artwork. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

        2. Terms

    a. The client must read and agree to all terms to make a purchase. Pursuing a commission will be considered as accepting the terms.

    b. Prices are subject to change at anytime.  However, current ongoing commissions will not be affected unless the terms of said commission are altered by the client.

    c. Detailed descriptions and references are required for valid commissions.

    d. The commission will be paid for up front before any work is completed.  The artist will only accept payments through Deviantart with points or PayPal with USD.

    e. The commission process typically consists of a sketching stage, a lining stage (unless a colored sketch), a flat color stage, and a shading stage.  The client may make major changes and/or suggest additional ideas to the commission only during the sketching period. When purchasing a commission, the artist will inquire if the client would like a preview of the final draft sketch before it is moved into the lining stage. Final drafts of the other stages must be requested ahead of time but previews of current progress can be requested at any time.  Rushing the artist will not be tolerated and may affect the finished product.

    f. Valid commissions will only be done through e-mail, my website, or the DeviantArt commission system.

    g. The commission may be cancelled at any time.  If the artist is at fault, a full refund will be given back no matter what stage the commission is in. If the client is at fault, refer to #8.

    h. Full refunds are only allowed before the image is colored in.  Full price or half price refund depends on the time spent on and complexity of the line art.  Half price or no refund depends on the complexity and time taken on a colored or completed commission.  Refunds must be discussed with the artist.  Paypal chargebacks will not be valid without proof of previous discussion with the artist.

    i. The artist reserves all copyrights to the commission.  The artist may use the commission in other work such as posting online to art galleries and social media, commercializing, etc.  However the client retains the rights and ownership to their own original characters and ideas.

    j. The client may not commercialize off the commission. If the client wishes to commercialize the commission, a separate contract must be discussed and agreed upon.  The client may use the commission for any non-commercial means such as profile images, uploading to the client's own gallery with proper credit, non-profit projects, etc.  The client may not reclaim the commission.  All modifications must be discussed with the artist.

    k. The artist reserves the right to recycle unfinished and unwanted commissions and ideas.

    l. The artist has the right to refuse any commissions, ideas, or changes and is not required to give a reason. 
The artist will never draw anything with

• gore
• excess violence
• sexual themes & nudity
• anything that goes against the artist's beliefs
• anything hateful towards a group of people or an individual.

Depending on case by case, the artist may draw

• illegal themes
• limited blood
• romantic themes.



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